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English Smocking (1989 edition), makes learning smocking easy! From instructions on preparing material for smocking to the finishing touches 'English Smocking' is a must for any smocker.Stitch by stitch illustrations and photos clearly demonstrate basic to advanced smocking stitches and combinations. 'English Smocking' features ten original colour designs in pleasing colour combinations. These colour designs range in size from a seven row bishop style to an elegant twenty-two row design on blue, part of which is featured on the front cover.

Chapters on preparing material, using pleating machines, bishop-neck garments, colour suggestions and 'helpful advice' on many smocking topics. 48 pages.

CDN $14.00 (STK# 101001)


This was Grace's first book, published in 1947. This unabridged edition contains instructions on the preparation of materials and the methods of achieving various smocking stitches.An excellent book for the beginner or as a teachers's aid with helpful illustrations showing preparation stages, basic stitches and special designs used to augment a pattern.All stitches and designs are printed in red and blue for ease in following.

CDN $4.00 (STK# 101002)


Three smocked styles of headwear; a smocked bonnet to frame the face, smocked hat style, and a bonnet-hat. A simple smocking design is included. Suitable for children ages 1 to 6. Pull-out pattern is included.

CDN $5.00 (STK# 101005)


Two unique adaptions of any size of our 'Classic Yoke Dress'; the smocked shoulder or saddle shoulder style. Booklet includes complete illustrated instructions. A simple charted smocking design is included.

CDN $5.00 (STK# 101003)


A perfect beginner project for your favourite hostess! Two styles are featured with detailed instructions; a smocked bib apron and a smocked half apron. 'Firelight', an original 16 row colour design is included with this booklet.

CDN $5.00 (STK# 101004)

by Judith Marquis

A beautiful 44 page book featuring two unique but complimentary topics - silk ribbon embroidery and lace shaping. Monograms are shaped and stitched in lace and birth month flowers in silk ribbon embroidery. 9 colour pages (including the front cover) display lace monogrammed pillows embellished with silk ribbon flowers.Learn all about the techniques to embroider with silk ribbon. 5 colour pages (including back cover) display 24 silk ribbon birth month flowers (2 per month). The back cover displays all 24. Four inside colour pages show flowers actual size. Detailed instructions on each flower with silk ribbon colour numbers.Learn how to shape and stitch lace monograms. A fold out pattern sheet to trace monograms from A to Z .

CDN $20.00 (STK# 101007)


Straight rows of smocking transfer dots are ironed onto the wrong side of your material. Each dot along the row is then 'picked-up' by needle and then pulled-up and tied off - leaving the material ready for smocking. Use yellow dots on dark material only. Use blue dots on all light coloured fabrics. Wash transfers out with soap and water.Transfer dot sheets are available in two sizes.

CDN $2.50 per sheet

'ORIGINAL' Transfer Dots:
30 rows deep and 44" (113 cm) long.
Dots measure 3/16" (.5 cm) apart along the rows and 5/16" (.8 cm) between rows. Available in BLUE ONLY.

Original Space (30 row) - Blue (STK# 401003)

Duplicate the spacing of the smock gathering machines.
24 rows deep and 44" (113 cm) long.
Dots measure 1/4" ( .6 cm) apart along the rows and 5/8" (1 cm) between rows. Available in BUE or YELLOW.

Pleater Space (24 row) - Blue (STK# 401005) / Yellow (STK# 401006)

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